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 Neuro-Computer with extensible architecture for solving of special tasks

Proposed Neuro-Computer represents modern PC with the coprocessor’s board on FPGA Xilinx. The original architecture of special calculator carried out on the board. This makes it possible to emulate 16-23 and more neurons parallel.

The basic technical solutions are:

  • Neuro-Processor;
  • Video-Processor;
  • Fuzzy controller;
  • intellectual radio and seismological location transducers.

The software of Neuro-Computer consists of FPGA configuration code (code of firmware download of architecture) and user’s interface.

Current tasks:

  • express identification of personality on biometric information (image, fingermarks and other) in big databases;
  • solving large computer procedures in technology (foundry, metallurgy, welding fabrication an etc.);
  • tasks connected with recognition, identification of objects by alternative characters;
  • system of security of extensive objects( roads, oil pipelines) based on seismological location and video surveillance;
  • system of disclosure, recognition and detection of coordinates of aerodynamical objects on nap-on-the earth;
  • system of identification of personality on biometric information with searching in extremely big databases;
  • system of recognition of sources of radio location signals in real time;
  • solving of scientific-research and expert tasks.

Time of calculation will be estimated by coprocessor speed less charges on loading on the one hand; size and calculate specificity of solvable task on the other hand.


  • computational speedup in ten times: for tasks of qualification, clusterization and etc. with number of inputs - 50 , number of outputs -10 and number of simulated fuzzy neurons -100 in comparison with simple PC;
  • original architecture of special calculator permitting to emulate 16-23 and more neurons parallel;
  • architecture features of special calculator make it possible to increase the number of inputs of neuron network, the number of simulated neurons and create arbitrary configurations of connections without essential hardware-based costs;
  • inexpensive mobile Neuro-Computer.

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