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Technology and equipment for metal waste recycling
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 Technology and equipment for metal waste recycling

The proposed technology for metal waste recycling includes two stages:

  1. metal reduction induced by oxides (sulfides and other compounds) in the non-oxidation medium with reducing agent (undersized coke, crushed electrodes, etc.);
  2. reduced metal melting, liquid-phase reclaiming and melting refinement to the desired chemical composition.

Both stages of the process are implemented consistently with one technological unit – tilting rotary melting furnace.

Depending on the process stage reducing or oxidative atmosphere is created in the furnace by adjustment of «gas (or liquid fuel) – air» proportion. Temperature control is conducted by fuel supply varying and with oxygen enrichment (in the case of iron-carbon alloys recycling). Rotary unit provides processing of almost any metal waste (Al, Zn, Cu, Pb, Fe, etc.) and in any state including highly oxidized: from lump scrap to swarf, including highly oxidized (scale, metallurgical dust) and contaminated waste (shavings from metal-cutting devices) without their preliminary preparation.

Furnace lining, burners’ power capacity, furnace operating capacity and its overall dimensions are chosen depending on the type of recycled wastes and the required performance. Melting units with the capacity of melt from 0,2 up to 1,5 m3 and melting time from 1,5 to 3 hours are developed at the present time. Estimated cost of aggregates from 50000 to 150000 euro.


  • specific energy consumption reduction by 20-25%;
  • flux expenditure reduction by 10-15%;
  • efficiency improving by 30-35% under equal heat power;
  • possibility of practically any furnace charge recycling without preliminary preparation;
  • provision of actively operated metallurgical processes (recovery, melting, superheating, inoculation, stirring, etc.).

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