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Device for thrombus destruction
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 Device for thrombus destruction

New treatment method is based on mechanical and cavitational intravascular influence on atherosclerosis calcific plaques and thrombembols by flexible waveguide.


  • to carry out intravascular thrombus destruction;
  • for atraumatic surgery on main arteries;
  • studying a possibility of atherosclerosis treatment with the help of flexible wave guides using endoectomy method.

The device consists of the portable ultrasound generator operating in a batch mode, piezoelectric ceramic converter and acoustic system with removable flexible waveguides of different length.

Technical features:

  • operating frequency, 22-28 kHz;
  • radiation rate, 7-82 W/cm2;
  • amplitude of oscillation of waveguide, 50 micron.


  • time of thrombus destruction in condition of in vivo no more than 35 s/cm;
  • thrombus destruction dimension of fragments no more than 10 micron;
  • surgical intervention on main arteries without traumas.

Contact Information
Scientific and production department of medical equipment of the State Enterprise «Scientific and Technological Park BNTU «Polytechnic»
24/34, Y. Kolas str., Minsk, 220013-BY, Republic of Belarus
+ 375 17 292 71 83
Orlovskij Sergey Victorovich