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 Advanced Software and Measurement System applied to Computer-Aided Cooling Curve Analysis for control and modeling of cast processes

Basic characteristics of the microprocessor device:

  • the range of measurement of temperature: 0 - 1600 °C;
  • step-type behaviour of measurement of temperature: 0.1°C;
  • the period of time between measurements: 0.4 - 3.2 sec;
  • absolute error of measurement, no more: 0.1°C;
  • information capacity of operative memory: 1000 cooling curves;
  • time of continuous work of built-in batteries, not less: 48 hours;
  • maximal dimensions of the device, mm: 145 х 105 х 65.


  • functions of automatic data processing;
  • high-level assurance of definition of thermo- physical parameters of alloys;
  • universality:
  • opportunity of use as the digital precision thermometer;
  • opportunity of application as the digital registering device for phase and structure transformations of materials, including aggressive materials (metal melts, salts, etc.);
  • opportunity of carrying out of the thermal analysis of alloys of various structures (black and nonferrous metals) in a wide range of an interval of crystallization of alloys (0-1600 °C);
  • opportunity of application as system of express quality assurance and structure of alloys, including by manufacture of products and semifinished items from cast alloys non-ferrous and ferrous metals (including cast iron, steel, bronze, a brass, aluminium, zinc, magnesian alloys, solders, etc.);
  • mobility:
  • independent feed (without additional charge within 20-24 hour.);
  • opportunity of a feed from a network (110-220 In, 50-60 Hz);
  • compactness and small weight of the measuring device;
  • opportunity of work in any conditions, including industrial and field conditions.
  • efficiency of the analysis:
  • time of carrying out of the analysis for quality assurance and structure of an alloy: 3-5 minutes;
  • an opportunity of a conclusion of results of measurements and data processing on LCD directly at carrying out of tests;
  • сomputer data processing:
  • an opportunity of data transfer in personal computer through USB and COM-ports;
  • an opportunity of visualization, computer data processing and having the detailed reports of the analysis;
  • an opportunity of the analysis of equilibrium and nonequilibrium crystallization of metals and alloys.

Contact Information
Student Scientific and Research Laboratory of Information Technology (IT-Center) of the Republican Innovative Unitary Enterprise “Scientific and Technological Park BNTU “Polytechnic”
65, Minsk, Nezavisimosti ave., Minsk, 220013-BY, Republic of Belarus
+ 375 29 186 50 35
Rafalski Igor Vladimirovich