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Auxiliary materials for foundry and stamp making
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 Auxiliary materials for foundry and stamp making

Separating coatings PRP-1 and URP-1M
Standard RB 14737939.001-93

The universal separating coatings intended for providing the qualitative takeoff during the manufacturing of nonrecurrent forms for metallic, plastpolymeric and wooden pattern equipment in conditions of single, serial and mass production, too on automatic line of snap-flask molding.

Besides of complex of mineral oils, fatty acids and thinning agent, complex of special antifriction and antirust additives enter in composition of coatings, provided to 10-15 takeoffs of half-mold post unitary laying of coating on equipment.

Antiburning-on emulsion (AE)
Standard RB 14578642.001-95

Emulsion intends for using in the capacity of antiburning-on and plasticizing agent to molding sands during receiving of cast-iron and bronze foundry, contains the composition of liquid petroleum derivatives with high output of pyrolytic carbon, which provide receiving of qualitative surface of foundry (without pickup), and complex of surface active agents, which refine processing characteristics of molding sand for reading: flowability, compactibility, beatability.

Antiburning-on coatings (paints) PPG grades A nd B
Standard RB 100512754.006-2007

Schungite-graphite antiburning-on coatings intend for receiving of foundry from cast iron and copper alloys to casting mold (grade A) and nonrecurrent forms (grade B). Paints is supplied in ready and slurred condition, multiplied in water to required consistency.

PKD grades B and C Standard RB 100512754.005-2007

PKD grade C (itselfexsiccant) and PKD grade B (watery) paints intend for receiving of steel iron casting. Paints is supplied in ready to use condition. Filling is disthenesilimanit. All supplied paints have high strength of layer (not lower 3 kg/mm), excellent spreading capacity and high sedimentation resistance (not lower 95%).

Separating mixture for cold forming SUP
Standard RB 14578642.002-95

SUP compound is composition of synthetic oils, providing light extraction of blank on operation of pressure forming, rolling-out, burnishing. SUP dissolves of water easy, it allows to eliminate labour intensive process of deletion of covering from products before painting, galvanization, oxidation and etc.

Agent for drossing SOSH-3
Standard RB 100512754.004-2004

Agent SOSH-3 intends for binding and drossing from melt, forming in result of production of iron and steel, and prevention of hit of nonmetallic inclusion in body of casting. It may be use for lightening of operation slag “removal” from melting furnace and in case of slag deletion from teeming ladle. SOSH-3 is fine-dispersed powder of light-grey colour with packed density 0,85-0,95 g/sm3, in result of using it produces steady adherent layer on surface of melt, in which slag shots safely keep , floating from volume of ladle and furnace.

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