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Absorptive biochemical plant for ventilating air clearing
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Absorption-biochemical installation of cleaning the ventilating air from the harmful organic substances

Intended for wet clearing of the ventilated air from harmful organic substances in foundry, painting, wood-processing, furniture, chemical and other manufactures.

Technical features:

  • efficiency of cleaning,%, from triethylamine, phenol, formaldehyde – 96-99; flying organic com-pounds (xylol, toluene, butyl acetate, acetone) – 70-96; spray aerosols, suspended particles – 99,9;
  • absorbent composition – technical water with biogenic additives;
  • technical water for indemnification of loss at evaporation – 0,1-2 м3/day;
  • biogenic additives – 30-60 kg/year;
  • working temperature of an absorbent – 15-30 С;
  • power requirements – 39,2-50,5 kW.


  • low operational expenses;
  • simplicity and reliability in operation;
  • absence of dump of harmful substances into environment.

Contact Information
Research-and-production Republican Affiliated Unitary Enterprise «Industrial Ecological Systems» is the subsidiary enterprise of the Technopark BNTU «Polytechnic»
23/2-402, Dolgobrodskaya str., Minsk, 220070-BY, Republic of Belarus
+ 375 17 230 38 94
Shapovalov Yuriy Petrovich