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Electrolyte Plasma Processing
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Electrolyte-Plasma Treatment of metal materials surface

Technical features:

  • voltage - DC 300 V;
  • current strength depends on the area of a treated surface (current density - 0,2 … 0,25 А/cm2);
  • duration of treatment - 3-5 minutes. The further treatment is ineffective;
  • attainable roughness – up to Rа 0,04 µ (depending on an initial state of a surface);
  • rate of material removal – 1,5...3 µ/min.


  • high intensity of deburring and smoothings of microroughnesses;
  • increase of electrochemical uniformity of a surface;
  • removal of extraneous impurities - the centers of corrosion;
  • absence of power influence on a treated surface;
  • easy process of metal removal from surfaces (etching);
  • the applied equipment is universal.

Contact Information
Scientific and production department of electrolyte-plasma treatment of the State Enterprise «Scientific and Technological Park BNTU «Polytechnic»
24, Y. Kolas str., Minsk, 220013-BY, Republic of Belarus
+ 375 17 292 71 83
Aleksandr Korolyov