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High-frequency ionic-plasma coagulator "VIK"
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High-frequency ionic-plasma coagulator "VIK"

Coagulator VIK is intended for being used in cosmetology, microsurgery, oncology, urology, stomatology.

The device is applied:

  • for removal of papillomas, condylomas, various tumors, tattoos;
  • for polishing keloid cicatrix;
  • for treatment of venereal sarcomas, tendovaginitis, various skin diseases: eczema madidans, dermatomycoses, etc.;
  • for blood vessels ligation (sealing vascular walls without ligature imposing).

With the help of VIK coagulator various wounds (fresh, operational and sluggish septic) may be successfully treated.

The action principle of coagulator VIK is based on a plasma bunch with a help of which the coagulation is carried out. Thus there is no considerable quantity of heat being formed in the processed tissues and there is no deep thermal affection of tissues.

The depth of thermal damage is about 0.1 - 1 mm depending on the chosen power of coagulation that broadens the scope of the device application.

The plasma bunch causes ionisation of air and formation of a considerable quantity of ozone that leads to full disinfecting of a wound and the accelerated healing of tissues without cicatrix formation.

There are no passive electrodes applied in the device that makes it essentially different from all other similar devices. Due to this feature the pernicious currents passing through an operated site of a body of the patient are totally eliminated.


  • low cost;
  • simplicity of usage;
  • two base case systems - Economy class and Lux class;
  • the device may work using power line energy or accumulator batteries;
  • there is an additional function - the device may be connected with a neon or vacuum lamp for contact ozonization (face clearing, acne removal, inflammatory processes prevention);
  • smooth device power adjustment;
  • there is no necessity for expensive consumable materials (inert gas, helium, argon) since plasma bunch is formed on the basis of environment ionisation.

Econom Class
9 - 28v

Lux Class

Power consumption
0,055 - 0,75 A
0,12- 1,28 A
Operational frequency
0,45 - 1,8 MHz
0,45 - 1,8 MHz
0 -50 W
0 -150 W
1 kg
1 kg

Contact Information
+ 375 29 871 99 46
Kopets Ivan Leonidovich