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Tensometric Systems Controller «KTU-2»
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Tensometric Systems Controller "KTU-2"

Tensometric Systems Controller "KTU-2" is developed for control over processes of weighing and batching of various materials in industrial and agriculture enterprises.

Tensometric Systems Controller "KTU-2" performs:

  • information reception and processing from one or several strain sensors (up to 6 units) integrated in parallel;
  • controlling over the batching processes.


  • consecutive dispensing of 4 components;
  • long-term storage of the same recipe;
  • high-speed sigma-delta ADP (information processing frequency upto 5 kHz);
  • connection to a PC or any other management device (in particular, with the operator's controller);
  • 5 discrete input/output channels (24V, 2А or 220V, 120mA);
  • program dynamic filter providing stability of weight indications;
  • automatic updating of dispensing parameters (with accounting the unsufficient supply of the material);
  • serial interface RS 232C or RS 485.

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