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Operator controllers
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Operator controller

Operator controlling system is developed for control over processes of weighing and batching of various materials in industrial and agriculture enterprises; maintenance of the databases on material consumption and loaded production registration.

The controller is a reprogrammable DNC-control device used for weighing and batching automation. It may be connected with 16 local controllers such as KTU-2 or any other possessing serial communication channel.


  • management of the connected batchers in a uniform cycle;
  • storage of upto 50 recipes consisting of 10 components;
  • various types of shipped materials accounting;
  • a flexible recustomized control system of a dispensing cycle;
  • two serial intrefaces (RS 485 and/or RS 232C) for external devices connection;
  • connection with the external PC;
  • can be used for batchers management (there is the built-in block for information processing);
  • multifunctionality and unique communication features, ability to be a part of the structure of various management devices, such as an operator's console;
  • the built-in calendar/watch;
  • end-product quality improvement due to the increase of dispensing accuracy, exact compounding observance;
  • equipment reliability increase;
  • equipment productivity increase;
  • production management simplification.
  • the detailed account of materials and quantity of the made product.

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