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Electronic Scales
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Electronic scales

Scales are intended for cargo weight measurement at processing industry and agriculture enterprises both independently and as a part of electronic complexes.

The scales provide the following opportunities:

  • to weigh goods with weight upto 6, 15, 30, 150, 300 kg;
  • to count container weight (including counting from external devices);
  • to summarise cargo weight;
  • to transfer the current value of weight to external devices;
  • to work in a calculation mode.


  • light-emitting diode or liquid crystal indication with illumination (three operating modes);
  • a portable board;
  • high stability to mechanical vibrations;
  • special protection against electromagnetic interference;
  • logic power supply management (there is no unreliable electromechanical switch);
  • the connection interface for connecting to a cash register or post registering device;
  • the function of power supply from an external source (automobile accumulator);
  • possibility of independent work with a help of the built-in accumulator battery.

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