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Carrying out Research and Development:

We carry out research and development in the areas of:

  • working out competitive, low-waste and energy-efficient processes of new materials, semimanufactured articles and products manufacture in metallurgical and machine-building field;
  • producing nanostructured compositions;
  • creation of treatment tools and equipment in traumatology and orthopedy, new areas of surgery, cardiosurgery;
  • creation of effective transfer mechanisms of innovative products developed by scientific and innovative enterprises and higher schools of Belarus by means of organizing and participating in international scientific and technical cooperation.

Manufacture of innovative production:

The enterprise implements serial manufacture of a variety of high technology products:

  • technological equipment for wet-heat processing of garments in the field of light industry;
  • medical toolkits for traumatology and orthopedy;
  • ultrasonic angioplasty and thrombolysis sets;
  • materials and products from the waste of nonferrous metals and alloys;
  • absorptive-biochemical installations for ventilating air clearing of harmful organic substances;
  • equipment for laser technological lines and lines for local sputtering of metal coatings;
  • technological equipment for electrolyte-plasma processing of surfaces (polishing, clearing, wire-edges removal, activation).

We perform:

  • drawing strengthening and corrosion-resistant coatings on constructional details and tool materials;
  • polluting substances emission inventory and development of corresponding documents and regulations in the field of environment protection;
  • art embroidery computer design and manufacture;
  • arrangement, installation and service of technological equipment for light industry (sewing and knitting industry).

Innovative services for Technopark's residents and clients

  • Assistance to small business in the field of research-and-production:
  1. information, methodical and consulting support;
  2. selection of qualified personnel;
  3. carrying out marketing research;
  4. rendering consulting services;
  5. informing on possibilities of getting bank loans from financial institutions;
  6. formation of mechanisms of effective interaction between subjects of innovative business;
  7. support of joint research activities of enterprises as a part of consortia of EU framework programs, etc.
  • Assistance to Belarusian educational institutions, scientific organizations, innovative and industrial enterprises in widening international, business, educational, scientific and industrial links and contacts and development of mutually profitable international cooperation: searching partners for joint projects implementation and advancement of modern technologies and goods on world markets;
  • Organizing forums, conferences, seminars and exhibitions (presentation of the exhibits in the form of natural samples and finished articles models on posters and CD-disks, advertising production manufacture);
  • Publishing scientific, research, methodical literature, course-books, works of the leading university experts, periodicals, magazines and brochures, as well as all kinds of advertising production on paper and electronic media with a help of modern graphic software.