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General information

The Republican Innovative Unitary Enterprise Scientific and Technological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic» is a leading innovative enterprise in the structure of Ministry of Education in the Republic of Belarus.

The Republican Innovative Unitary Enterprise Scientific and Technological Park of BNTU «Polytechnic» has been created for:

  • creation of favorable conditions (including material and information base) for business development in scientific and technical sphere;
  • realisation of innovative process: innovation search - innovative product manufacturing - realisation.

Today Technopark solves the following problems:

  • creation of competitive, import replacement production (scientific, technical and industrial);
  • creation of an effective system promoting development of scientific and technical potential, advancement of research and development results in the real sector of the economy;
  • creation and support of small innovative enterprises, and their involvement in the process of development and manufacturing of high technology production;
  • market analysis, marketing research and support of the information-marketing network of Belarusian universities;
  • support of university centers for technologies transfer;
  • promotion of scientific and technical developments by organising and taking part in exhibitions and cooperation projects;
  • organisation of additional workplaces, including places for highly skilled specialists, scientists, students, post-graduate students.

Today the company operates as a technology park of a distributed type and includes information and marketing centers, research and production departments of Technopark, scientific and manufacturing subsidiaries.


Training, research andproduction center "Metolit" (the first nameof Technopark BNTU) was established on November 5, 1992by Belarusian State Polytechnic Academy (now Belarusian National Technical University).The purpose of "Metolit" was to improve engineering training and education of teaching staff, increase scientific and technological capacity, accelerate the implementation of research results and profit to satisfy social and economic interests of the staff and the Founder (BNTU).

At the initial stage "Metolit" focused on the developmentand implementation of resource-saving and environmentally friendly technical processes, materials, equipment and control systems in the field of welding, foundry, metal forming, powder metallurgy, thermal, chemical and thermal treatment of metals,occupational safety and health.There were sixe ducational, scientific and industrial fields in thestructure of the center.

In 1993-1994 the efforts of the Centerwere directed to build upcredibility with the scientific and industrial organizations of the Republic of Belarus. The structure of the center and main activity lines were defined, strong links with industry were established, mutually beneficial relationship with the Research Institutes of the country were forged.The positive results achieved in the course of the workhelped to create goodmaterial basewith a high potentialto increase the volume of work, its organization and quality ofthe products obtained on the basisof new technologies.In 1995, the volume of work has increased dramatically. The Technopark carried outa number of governmental projects as well asoperated under direct contractswith various companies.

In 1993 the Technopark acted as a founderof several companies for the first time thus starting to accumulate experience inthe sphere of businessincubation. Nowadays the Technopark is a founder of 7 innovative companies,as well as aco-founder of three limited liability companies:

The following companies have been createdwith the support ofthe State Enterprise "Scientific and Technological Park BNTU" Polytechnic ":

Taking into consideration the success and achievements of "Metolit" at the market of high technology products elaborated by the universities in 1999 the Ministryof Education of the Republic of Belarus created in the structureof the Technopark Interuniversity Marketing Research and Development Center (MTSMNIR) to facilitate the transferof university developments. By now Interuniversity Marketing Research and Development Center has createda web portal and analytical network system of science and technology achievements, which is a database of Research and Technological Developments of Belarusian Universities.

In the course of its development, the maindirections of thecompany "Metolit" were the following: the creation and supportof small innovative enterprises, market analysis, market research, support of information and marketing network of technology transfer centersat universities, promoting development byorganizing and participatingin exhibitionsand cooperative exchanges.

Being asubject of innovation infrastructure within the Ministryof Education "Metolit" created a network of research, innovation and production divisions, subsidiaries, and innovative companies. The company performed the basicfunctions of the Scientificand Technological Park actively promoting and implementing R & D.

Therefore, according to the decree of the Ministry of Education № 211 on 03.06.2003 Innovation RepublicanUnitary Enterprise "Scientificand Technological Parkof BNTU "Metolit" was established on the basis of UE "Metolit" of Belarusian National Technical University.

On January 22,2010 according to the decree of the Ministry of Education of the Republicof Belarus on 24.12.2009 № 12 Innovation Republican Unitary Enterprise "Scientificand Technological Park of BNTU “Metolit”resubordinated to Belarusian National Technical University and renamed as Republican InnovativeUnitary Enterprise "Scientificand Technological Park of BNTU “Polytechnic”.